How to Share your iPhone and iPad Screen remotely with Duplica

Step 1: Choose the screen sharing destination

After downloaded Duplica, we have to open it and choose the destination of our screen sharing session.

  • Web Sharing
    with this option it is possible to share the screen of the iPhone to web browser remotely. It supports any browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari) on any device (Mac, Windows, Linux, iOs, Android or Smart TV).
  • Chromecast
    in this case it is possible to share the devices’ screen to a Chromecast connected to the same wifi network of the device.

Step 2: Share the Duplica Link

Step 3: Start the sharing session

Step 4: Watch the screen sharing session

To watch the session, your friend or colleague (that could be whether it’s from the other end of the office or from halfway across the world) has to click on the Duplica Link you have shared and wait until you start the broadcast.



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